Carpet Removal and the Junk Involved – San Francisco, CA Edition

Removing your old carpet from your house will signal your ability to have new carpeting in place of your old one that could have become worn out or stained. Even though there are so many companies out there that can offer you the services of replacing your old carpet, it is possible to do it yourself. This will generally save you a lot of money that you could have otherwise paid to the company doing the job for you. Doing it yourself would also ensure that you get the chance to prepare or preserve the floor below the carpet to your preferences and standards. Below are some useful tips on how to do it in a quick and efficient manner.

carpet removal


Before you commence on this task, ensure that you have a definite goal of what you want to do on your floor as well as what to do with the old carpet. You ought to decide whether you will need to save the surface underneath the carpet or not before you begin working on it. It would also be important to look into the matter of disposing of the old carpet beforehand. You should check to ensure that you are well aware of the charges that most San Francisco bay area hauling companies where you can rent a dumpster in San Francisco city limits will charge to for the dumpster to discard it in order to be ready.

Moving Furniture and Other Equipment from the Area

In order to work efficiently and fast, you ought to ensure that you have free access to the whole entire floor. This will be possible by moving all the furniture and other things that could be on the floor away in order to have access to the floor. You could move it to other rooms, outside or rent a storage area on a temporary basis.

Removing the Carpet

Before you start the actual removal of the old carpet, you could opt to vacuum it first in order to reduce the amount of dust that you will have to encounter in your task. Ensure that you also wear a dust mask if the carpet you will be removing is either wet or very old. You could protect your hands by wearing heavy gloves to avoid being pierced by tacks, staples or rough edges of the carpet. Your feet should be protected by wearing close-toed and thick-soled shoes. This website is a great starter on how to remove carpets the right way.

You should start the actual removal of the carpet by pulling the edge of the old carpet that is near any of your walls. You can use a pair of pliers to grip the carpet fibers for easy removal. You could also use a carpet or utility knife to cut the carpet into strips that will be manageable and then roll them as you go. As you use the knife, ensure that you do not make any grooves onto the underneath floor surface if you will be preserving it. After pulling out the manageable strips of carpet, remove the underneath carpet padding as it also needs to be replaced. You should then carry out the rolls of padding and carpet outside.

Last Stage

Lastly, you can remove the strips if you so wish or even pull up the staples that are left from the removed padding. You should then clean the floor and remove all the debris that will be left when you remove the old carpet. You should then prepare the new floor for the new carpet. Ensure that you repair all damages and squeaks before fitting the new carpet.

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